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Consultation Services

If you have questions about your property rights or you are involved in a dispute pertaining to real property, the experienced team at Nica B. Strunk PLLC can provide a comprehensive yet cost-effective consultation. The purpose of the consultation is to help you understand how the law applies to your situation, and to map out possible paths to resolution.

Who can benefit from a consultation?

Some of the reasons people choose to consult with us include :
● unpleasant interactions with neighbors
● uncertainty about what can be done with adjacent or nearby properties
● concern about privacy and the right to quiet enjoyment of real property
● questions about such complex legal issues as adverse possession, covenants or easements
● concern about situations that could cause a decrease in property value
● questions about the developability of property
● disputes involving a contract for the purchase or sale of real property, or a lease of real property
● problems obtaining permits or approvals from government agencies
● disputes with family members about co-owned property
The uncertainty of these situations can be challenging. And if the problem involves a family home, then a place that should be a peaceful refuge may become a source of significant stress and conflict. Not only is an important investment at stake, but quality of life can also suffer.

People may find themselves in a kind of limbo that cannot be resolved without a thorough understanding of the legal rights and rules involved.

Not surprisingly, many people who contact us have previously spoken to other lawyers who did not have particular knowledge of the complex legal doctrines governing real property or the intricacies of local processes and regulations.

What we do

The team at Nica B. Strunk PLLC will do an investigation into the property at issue. We will listen carefully to you so that we can learn the specific facts and the history of the matter. We will do research that may include:
● looking up the relevant property and/or neighboring properties in our subscription property databases, which allow us to access title history, land-use application history, surveys and other important documents
● reviewing current and historical aerial photography
● reviewing documents in the files of the local municipality, e.g., subdivision, variance, building or zoning documents
● identifying and reviewing important documents that may provide information about the problem, including deeds, covenants, easements, maps, surveys and closing files
● reviewing court files if there has been prior litigation involving the property
● identifying relevant municipal and state statutes and legal precedents

Then, having learned the facts and details of the specific property and issues, we will apply our knowledge of property law to those facts. We will determine what legal conclusions can be drawn from the facts that we know, and what issues may require further research or analysis.

We will explain our legal analysis to you and talk to you about approaches to resolving the issue. We will identify steps that you may be able to take without legal assistance. We will help you anticipate the actions that other parties involved in the situation, such as neighbors, contractual counterparts, co-owners, or municipalities, may take, and the consequences that may flow from such actions.

Sometimes a real-property issue can benefit from the work of a professional in a related field. We can recommend highly qualified professionals from our network in fields including:

● surveying
● title research
● architecture
● engineering
● planning
● environmental science
● coastal geology
● drone photography
● appraisal
● photogrammetry (the science of interpretation of aerial photographs)

If the problem requires legal action to be undertaken (such as negotiation or litigation), we will map out a realistic estimate of the time, costs, risks and benefits of that action, with a particular eye to weighing the likely return on investment of such action.


We offer two tiers of consultation. Tier 1 is best suited to address less complex issues (e.g. matters with fewer documents to review). The Tier 1 Consultation costs $895 and provides up to 90 minutes of time spent by paralegal Pamela Harms and one hour of time spent by attorney Nica Strunk.

In matters where a more involved document review and analysis is called for, the Tier 2 Consultation provides up to five hours of time spent by paralegal Pamela Harms and four hours of time spent by attorney Nica Strunk and costs $3,500.

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